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“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” ~ Mark Twain

I am well into report writing and final exam preparation for my Bachelor of Management degree spring semester courses. April is always a very busy time for post-secondary students and I almost skipped out on doing a newsletter this month as a result. When one of my University of Lethbridge Professors provided the class with a series of crosswords puzzles to be used as study tools it gave me a great idea. A crossword puzzle seemed like a fun and creative way to reinforce some key terms and get you doing a little research as well. Words, terms, and phrases are often used in conversation without giving much thought to their meaning. A crossword puzzle is a great way to test your knowledge and understanding and get you thinking about certain concepts and ideas related to work search and career planning.

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2. a particular category or similar types of jobs
6. title of a person who is working towards a trade designation
10. things that are important to you
17. someone you can talk to for help with career planning
20. 3 letter acronym for the tool that classifies occupations by a four-digit code according to skill type and skill level
22. skills that you acquire through various activities and take with you to each new activity
23. people who can verify your experience and work habits to a potential employer
24. the conversation you have with an employer about a particular job

1. education you get after high school (secondary school)
3. one of a handful of occupations that starts with the letter P and requires at least 8 years of education
4. what you typically need to apply for work
5. something you like doing
7. subject that is required or recommended as a skill in 401 occupational profiles on the ALIS website
8. sum of work activities at home, at work, at school, and in the community
9. compilation of concrete evidence of your accomplishments (hint: you’ll want to bring this to your job interview)
11. emerging occupation that is fun for Facebookers and Tweeters
12. monetary award based on academic merit or excellence
13. the specific position a person holds
14. best way to access the hidden job market
15. one of Alberta's primary industries
16. one way of gaining experience in an occupation of interest
18. something you do well
19. place you can go to take a course or program
21. one stop website for career, employment, and education information in Alberta
25. one of 9 essential skills that involves finding and evaluating information to make rational decisions or to organize work
26. type of interview that helps you make career decisions

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