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"Up until the time I met Paula, I had spent over 6 months applying for career jobs on my own, as well as going through several "top-notch" Edmonton recruitment agencies with no results. One agency finally said, "quite frankly, we've never handled someone with your credentials, experience, qualifications, education, age (over 50), and salary expectations, so as a last resort, we are sending you to Paula Wischoff Yerama." Paula's initial telephone interview was a professional yet reassuring conversation. I met with Paula soon after, where she recommended some "tweaks" to my resume and approach. Within two to three months, during which time Paula checked in with me on my progress, I had several job offers to choose between. I ultimately chose an exceptional opportunity with an excellent base salary, an outstanding bonus structure bringing 1st year OTE $100,000+, benefits, paid holidays, and a pension plan, all within an incredible, dynamic, creative, and positive working environment. Bye-bye 14-16 hours / day, 7 days / week; hello 8 hours / day, 5 days / week. I am now the envy of all my friends and former colleagues. Thank You Paula!!"

- TJR, Account Manager